Opuntia is een geslacht dat behoort tot de cactusfamilie (Cactaceae).Deze cactussen worden in het Nederlands schijfcactus of vijg(en)cactus genoemd. In het groeiseizoen worden nieuwe schijven gevormd die vaak voorzien zijn van rudimentaire bladeren. Sommige soorten worden gekweekt voor hun eetbare cactusvijgen en de jonge schijven die als groente worden gebruikt.

オプンティア (Opuntia spp.) はサボテン科の属の1つ。 いわゆるウチワサボテン類の中で典型的な種の多くがここに属している。約200種が知られ、サボテン科の数多くの属の中で、最も多くの種を擁す.

Opuntia definition is – any of a large genus (Opuntia) of American cacti with usually yellow flowers and flat or cylindrical jointed stem segments typically studded with tubercles bearing spines or.

Widely found in the eastern United States, Opuntia humifusa (Eastern Prickly Pear) is a clump-forming succulent shrub with round-to-oval, fleshy, purple-tinged, green pads, up to 10 in. across (25 cm). Covered with clusters of reddish-brown, barbed bristles, the pads are scattered with needle-like spines. In summer, this cactus puts out some of the most striking flowers.

Opuntia is a genus in the cactus family, Cactaceae. (Source: Wikipedia, ”, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opuntia, CC BY-SA 3.0 . Photo: (c) José Belem Hernández.

L’Opuntia en quelques mots. L’Opuntia est un cactus original par ses tiges aplaties, en forme de raquettes; Le plus connu est le Figuier de Barbarie, Opuntia ficus-indica, qui offre des fruits comestibles C’est une plante résistante à la sécheresse, presque sans d’entretien, idéale en jardin sec, rocaille et jardin exotique

31.1.2020  · Opuntia, a genus of cactus that includes such cacti as the prickly pear and xoconostle.··opuntia (flower)

Opuntia | Article about Opuntia by The Free Dictionary – prickly pear cactus prickly pear cactus This popular cactus can grow all over the world and is destined to be the next big herbal superstar. Each part of this plant is both food and medicine, and its been used for centuries. Antiviral properties used for herpes, flu, HIV, obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, cholesterol, and skin problems. The fruit of.

Opuntia azurea ist eine sich kräftig verzweigende Art. Das Wuchsbild ist kompakt zwergbaumartig, in der Natur erreicht diese Opuntie bis 2 m Wuchshöhe. Die verkehrt eiförmigen bis kreisrunden Triebe sind blaugrün. Opuntia azurea bildet leuchten gelb gefärbte Blüten und rote kugelige oder eiförmige, unbedornte und essbare Früchte.

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Opuntia, uga ditepungi minangka nopales utawa kaktus dayung (pirsani ing ngisor), iku génus ing famili kaktus, Cactaceae. Saiki, mung pir eri sing kalebu sajeroning génus iki watara 200 spésies disebaraké ing mèh kabèh Amérika. Chollas saiki dipisahaké sajeroning génus Cylindropuntia, sing sapérangan isih nimbang subgenus saka Opuntia.

Opuntia: Etymology-Beleived to refer to a Greek region – Locris Opuntia with the town of Opus in Greece where other spiny plants grew. Opuntia is the most widespread of all genera in the cactus family. The genus occurs naturally throughout North and South America from as far north as Canada, through the Caribbean, and down into Argentina.